Dear Christians Friends and Co-Laboures,                                 8/8/17

Thank you everyone for your faithful prayers and support for eternal work here!

The past month we came close to running out of Gospel Seed ---BUT our Heavenly Father knows how to turn a ‘TEST’ into a ‘TESTIMONY’!  We praise Him for providing …………………..

---- 37,000 Romans Bible portions from Beacon of Truth  --

---- 3 pallets of Bible tracts and John/Romans from Gospel Transport ---

---- 50,000 bilingual  ‘All the Debt is Paid’ tracts from Johnny Woodard ---

The U.S., Mexico border has indeed become a funnel through which we can pipeline the Word of God in every direction.  We are receiving reports from Central America, Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada who are distributing the Word.

Every day more people are helping us distribute to multitudes in the flea markets.  Yesterday, after receiving Christ as her Savior, an elderly lady told me “thank you in taking time to tell me about eternity”.  I was reminded again of what a privilege we have to  ‘INTERRUPT SINNERS ON THEIR WAY TO HELL’.

Thank you again for your fellowship and encouragement.

Bob and Betty Sue Smith

Dear Christian Friends and Co-labours,                                                                                                                                   4/24/2016

Betty Sue and I are celebrating with you this week.

    Because of God’s mercy and your prayers I am celebrating my 86th birthday (April 27th,1930).


No missionary has more faithful co-laborers than you. For fifty-six years in Peru, S. A. and Mexico, you have been by our side proclaiming Christ’s Gospel, planting churches and preparing God’s servants. 

    I wish each of you could be here for this week to celebrate with us.  Each day, we met in another border flea market with a different team.  We first met to pray for you, your church and YOU who read this letter, then we went out to sow the Word of God.

    Yesterday at the Brownsville flea market (Sunday, 24th), fifty of our sowers from Mexico and the border met to celebrate with us. First, we went out for four hours to witness and distribute the Word of God to the multitudes.  THEN WE REJOICED WITH TESTIMONIES AND TAMALES.  It was a high time when I announced that we had distributed l00,000 Scriptures this special week!  -- And the real dessert came when I announced we had signed up the 400th ‘sower’ to help us distribute the Word of God.

    Remember that we are always glad to hear from you with any question of God’s Work here.

     Your fellow servants and grateful missionaries,

         Bob and Betty Sue

The ‘perfect storm’, socially, politically, economically, and racially is on our front door step –

ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!  Most American Christians don’t recognize by God’s sovereign 

design that this nation was entrusted with the privilege and responsibility to proclaim the 

eternal Gospel of our Creator – God to all men!  This border defines more than who we are 

physically, but as it is written in our Constitution, ‘who is our God and what are our responsibilities

to Him and to each other’.

Huancayo, Peru -1960-66

Ica, Peru 1966-1970

Matamoros, Mexico 1970-90

Moctezuma, Mexico 1991-2007

Market Ministries 2007-Present         

     Missionaries Bob and Betty Sue Smith are celebrating fifty six years of mission service this year. “By God’s grace, He called us in 1960, and at this writing 3/19/16, we are telling the Gospel message to sinners and challenging God’s people to follow our Savior.
    Our story is told in the lives of you who for more than fifty years have prayed and shared your living so we can go and give the message of God’s grace.  We have had the privilege to go, because you have been faithful to ‘stay and send’.  We thank God for you who ‘hold the rope’ when the trail is hard.  We thank God for His churches who discerned our needs and met them, although you also had needs at home.   We thank God for you faithful Pastors who labor and sacrifice for the unity of a world-wide vision.
    In 1960 God called us to Latin America.  With our two small children we went to Peru, S.A.  For six years, we evangelized and founded Churches in the Central cities of Huancayo.  With other missionaries, we founded a Bible Institute to train Pastors and Leaders.
     In 1967, with my Brother Jerry and his family, we founded the first Baptist Church in the capital city of Ica, in Southern Peru.  This became the Seed of hundreds of churches which have continued to multiply.
     In 1970, God put us in the fast growing border city of Matamoros, Tamp. Mexico.  Here, we founded the Good Samaritan Mexican Baptist Institute where we have trained hundreds of Mexican Pastors. The first Church in 1970 (Peoples Baptist Church) grew to fifteen hundred members, and was used of God to send workers to many  unreached areas.
     In 1991, we founded the Maranatha Bible Center in Central Mexico at Moctezuma, San Luis Potosi.  This Center is used of God to evangelize hundreds of unreached villages, to train workers and establish youth camps. 
     Since 2007 we have been occupied in evangelism and Scripture distribution among the multitudes on both sides of the Mexico border.  At present, we are challenging God’s people with the unprecedented missionary opportunities to make known the Gospel here.

You can contact us at

Missionary Bob and Betty Sue Smith 

  1. P.O. Box 3163

Brownsville, TX  78523

Bob & Betty Sue Smith-57 Years of N T Missionary Work in Latin America