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Missionary Bob & BETTY Sue Smith


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Brother Bob and Betty Sue Smith are celebrating their 59th anniversary as missionaries to Latin America! Their work is noteworthy in that they start churches and train local Pastors to take the churches. These churches become self-supporting within three years. The Huancayo, Peru, church has been indigenous and self-supporting for over 50 years, and has started many  other churches in suburbs and other villages in that region. Brother Bob started another church in Ica, Peru, which had a large and growing attendance. This Ica church has also been self-supporting for over 50 years, and has started many churches in that coastal region. Health problems brought the Smith family back to Mexico in 1970 when they moved to Brownsville, Texas. Using the same methods they began the Iglesia Bautista Del Pueblo Church in Matamoros, Mexico. The church grew to 1500 in attendance and began over 60 branch churches in the area. They began the Instituto Bautista El Buen Samaritano in Matamoros, which trained, while they were there, over 300 Mexican Pastors who have begun churches throughout Mexico and even other countries. In 1990 Bob and Betty Sue moved to Moctezuma, Central Mexico, with similar results.

In March, 2018 we had the joy of dedicating our new Scripture Distribution Center in the big Mercadome in Alamo – McAllen (at the Gateway to Mexico). From here, our sowers are reaching out to the large cities on Mexico's Western border. Our Center in Brownsville, Texas continues to be the ‘hub’ of our effort to sow the Word of God from Matamoros to Mexico City on the Eastern coast.

Recently we  received 22 pallets of Scriptures for us to distribute. This one load contains thousands and thousands of bilingual Gospels of John-Romans. One pallet can hold 500,000 of our The Debt is Paid tract.

Distributing Bilingul Gospels of John-Romans

Every day we rejoice to give the message to thousands – but we are stirred to realize that many go out empty- handed because we lack helpers.


Please contact your missionaries, mission churches and Christian friends here on the border. Tell them to contact us to help in this unprecedented opportunity.