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Missionary Bob & BETTY Sue Smith

below Excerpts from Market sowing-see www.biblesowers.net


February, 2019

It is the beginning of 2019 and the beginning of our 59th year as faith missionaries – and enjoying every minute of obeying our Father’s call! Last week, I was in McAllen-San Juan, Texas at the Great Mercadome Flea Market. At the same time, President Trump was only a short distance away where he was meeting with his border officials. He was on an IMPORTANT MISSION. He was dealing with national security problems and international immigration ‘issues’. We must pray for him and all our leaders to have God’s direction, however....

  I am on A MORE IMPORTANT MISSION: With our dedicated ‘sowers’, we are daily giving thousands of Scriptures and Gospel tracts from our Centers at the border. As we go, we are giving the message: ALL THE DEBT OF SIN IS PAID, ALL YOUR SINS CAN BE FORGIVEN! John 3:16, Romans 10:9-13


January 2019

God wonderfully raises up Sowers who print; Sowers who pray; Sowers who support; Sowers who transport and Sowers who distribute-but GOD GIVES THE INCREASE.

On a full semi load of 22 pallets there are thousands and thousands of the bilingual Gospel of John-Romans. One pallet holds 500,000 of our "All the Debt is Paid" tracts! We are blessed to have 5 transporters who haul loads of our bilinguals to us. One transporter hauled 4 semi-loads of 22 pallets to us in 2018!


April, 2018

 Both my 88th birthday party (4/27/18), and our 68th wedding anniversary celebration (5/24/18) were events wonderfully blessed by our Lord. Many of our Bible sowers came from both sides of the border all day long. Thousands of Scriptures were distributed at the 77 Brownsville flea market. The food was delicious! The fellowship was heavenly! – However, the real ‘dessert’ was the wonderful testimonies given about Scripture distribution in many places.