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Missionary Bob & BETTY Sue Smith

1970-1990 Matamoros, mexico

Matamoros used the same Bible methods as Peru

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After 10 wonderful years in Peru, in 1970 The Smiths came to Matamoros, Tamps, Mexico, and began  following the same Biblical pattern that produced such wonderful fruit that remained in Peru-CHURCHES WITH LOCAL LEADERSHIP CAPABLE OF REPRODUCING OTHER LOCAL CHURCHES IN THEIR JERUSALEM-JUDEA. Brother Bob began the Peoples’ Baptist Church, then over sixty other churches in surrounding colonias.  The main church attendance soared to nearly 1500 . The Sunday Schools became centers of discipleship and doctrinal training. In time many felt called of God into ministry as they went with Brother Bob to distribute pictoral Bible booklets to the same homes 10 weeks in a row. There was naturally a good harvest of souls which led to the formation of a new church. The excitement grew to the point of beginning the Good Samaritan Baptist Institute. Soon churches in other parts of Mexico sent students to be trained.  Before Bob and Betty Sue went to Moctezuma over 300 Pastors graduated from the Institute. Many ministry outreaches including a rescue mission (founded 1974), youth camps and  jail ministries were established in Matamoros. While training at the Institute, future Pastors were given bicycles and Gospel literature to weekly distribute door to door. This resulted in new churches  starting in the greater Matamoros area. Such practical training led to the successful establishment of hundreds of churches throughout Mexico and even other countries. 


intense evangelism leads to new churches and new pastors

Baptizing New Converts


Sharing the Gospel in the streets as well as door to door leads to establishing a new church and new believers following the Lord in baptism.

Tents (see pictures below)


The new churches often start out using a tent until a building can be secured.

Buses (see pictures below)


Churches donated their used buses. These were used to bring people to church, but even when they quit running, buses were used as a Sunday school room.

Church buildings were built


Each new church adopted  a constitution, ordained deacons, and in time callrd a local pastor trained by Brother Bob. The church voted to assume the young pator's salary in three years.

A Bible Institute was begun


Young preachers not only learned Bible doctrine, but also went  door to door distributing pictoral gospel tracts for 10 weeks, then they reaped the harvest which led to a new church in a suburb. 

Youth Camps


Youth Camps drew thousands into a bonanza of reaping the whitened harvest. The ministries also established a rescue mission-very unique  in Mexico.